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Top 3 Websites to Buy Postage With Bitcoin

Despite Bitcoin being around for multiple years now, many fail to see its usefulness. However, there are other goods and services outside of electronics and technology that you can buy with Bitcoin. US postage, for example, can also be bought with Bitcoin. We compare a few companies that sell US postage for Bitcoin in the article below. This is an example of how Bitcoin can be used for everyday purchases as well. 3. Stampnik The …
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Stampnik Sells USPS Postage In Exchange For Bitcoin

Creating normal use cases for bitcoin enthusiasts to spend digital currency in things they need can be quite difficult. Even though there is a growing number of online merchants and brick-and-mortar businesses accepting Bitcoin payments, there still isn’t that one service nearly everyone can relate to. Stampnik might be on the right track as they sell USPS postage in exchange for Bitcoin. Also read: Bitwage Unveils API and New Credit …
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