Top 3 Websites to Buy Postage With Bitcoin

Despite Bitcoin being around for multiple years now, many fail to see its usefulness. However, there are other goods and services outside of electronics and technology that you can buy with Bitcoin. US postage, for example, can also be bought with Bitcoin. We compare a few companies that sell US postage for Bitcoin in the article below. This is an example of how Bitcoin can be used for everyday purchases as well.

3. Stampnik

The layout of the Stampnik is basic and straightforward. Users are asked to fill in their information, the recipient’s details, and select which USPS service they would like to use. There is also a tool that determines whether to use box or envelope. This makes the whole process pleasant and simple. All things considered, Stampnik is a perfect Bitcoin postage service.

The platform has undergone some major changes over the past year. Since USPS rates change somewhat frequently, the service has to keep up with new developments. The service also allows users include a note together with their printed label, which can be helpful to the recipient. Bitcoin users who frequently send letters and packages may want to check out Stampnik, as it can provide an invaluable service.

2. VIPParcel

When VIPParcel started accepting Bitcoin payments in 2016, many were surprised. This is because at that time other USPS postage services which accepted Bitcoin as payments were third-party efforts, not well established platforms. What makes VIPParcel so appealing is how the service providers both domestic and international USPS shipping labels.

VIPParcel is a more professional service, with a proven track record of providing USPS shipping labels. They also offer an integrated eCommerce solution, which can be of great value to merchants working with Bitcoin payments already. It is definitely a postage solution worth checking out.

1. BitcoinPostage

Perhaps the most famous website providing postal services in exchange for Bitcoin is BitcoinPostage. The layout is simple to use, and they are the only service supporting other carriers than USPS. In fact, BitcoinPostage supports USPS, FedEx, DHL, and Canada Post, making it the most complete solution of the three. It also ensures Bitcoin enthusiasts from non-US countries can make use of the platform.

Another aspect that sets BitcoinPostage apart from the rest is how it allows users to ship items anonymously. The platform can be accessed over the Tor protocol, for additional anonymity and privacy. The reason for accepting Bitcoin payments is mainly due to privacy concerns as well. There is also an anonymous tracking tool on the website. The company wants to make users feel at ease and secure at every possible step along the way.