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The History and Future of Phishing

Having a spam email show up in your inbox nowadays is most of the time a harmless annoyance and we don’t really pay attention to them nearly as much as we used to. But a few decades ago, spam emails had bigger ramifications, and sometimes, even today, spam emails can wreak havoc on our systems.    Email started as MIT’s Compatible Time-Sharing System, which stored shared files on a central …
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Michael Richo Admits to Stealing US$365,000 Worth of Bitcoin From Darknet Criminals

Bitcoin has gotten a bad name by being a common payment method on the darknet. A lot of underground online criminals feel Bitcoin can provide them with an anonymous payment solution. However, this degree of criminal activity associated with Bitcoin can also attract unwanted attention. Michael Richo pleaded guilty to stealing bitcoins from darknet marketplaces. Darknet Marketplace Phishing Sites Are Quite Successful This entire story is interesting to follow. Consumers all …
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