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New Blockchain Fund Facilitates Philanthropic Coronavirus Donations

The blockchain industry continues to thrive during the coronavirus crisis. A new venture in Amsterdam aims to provide a decentralized fund to support people suffering from financial hardship during these uncertain times. It is evident that the coronavirus pandemic will continue to affect daily life for some time to come. A Different use for Blockchain in Coronavirus Times As a result, several changes to daily life may need to be …
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Binance Plans to Bring the Fourth Industrial Revolution to Uganda

Binance is one of the biggest trading platforms in the world. Even though it does not provide fiat currency trading as of right now, its position in the altcoin industry cannot be disputed. However, this company is about much more than just cryptocurrency. A new venture was recently announced in order to bring economic transformation to Uganda. A Philanthropic Effort by Binance It is of the utmost importance for cryptocurrency …
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