New Blockchain Fund Facilitates Philanthropic Coronavirus Donations

The blockchain industry continues to thrive during the coronavirus crisis. A new venture in Amsterdam aims to provide a decentralized fund to support people suffering from financial hardship during these uncertain times.

It is evident that the coronavirus pandemic will continue to affect daily life for some time to come.

A Different use for Blockchain in Coronavirus Times

As a result, several changes to daily life may need to be made, willingly or otherwise.

Technology will play an increasing role of importance in this particular regard.

A new venture launched in Amsterdam illustrates that point perfectly.

Many businesses and individuals suffer from the financial consequences of the global coronavirus crisis.

In most cases, there is a significant loss of income, which needs to be addressed. 

By providing a decentralized fund based on blockchain technology, an important step has been taken.

Through this fund, innovative techniques to promote solidarity and donations will be developed.

Supporting philanthropic efforts during the coronavirus crisis is always an option worth looking into.

Many people need financial aid in one way or another.

At this time, the platform supports donations from the US, Lebanon, Syria, African regions, South Korea, the EU, and UK.

Eventually the platform hopes to become a trusted global intermediary platform.