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New Change.org Petition Wants Walmart To Accept Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts would like nothing more than seeing major retailers accept Bitcoin payments directly. Albeit there is no additional hardware cost for brands to do so, they will need to train staff members to complete transactions. A new petition has surfaced on Change.org to have Walmart accept Bitcoin payments moving forward. Walmart and Bitcoin Is An Interesting Combination One of the most often heard complaints about Bitcoin is how consumers …
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Petition Against Encryption Backdoors Surpasses 70% of Target

In April of 2016, an anti-encryption law was put forward by US government officials, forcing encryption protocols to contain backdoors. A petition was started to get consumers and enterprises to vote against these proposals, and 70% of the petition’s goal has been reached so far. More Outspoken Opinions Against Encryption Backdoors It is positive to see more people care about encryption and privacy these days, even though it took a …
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