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Paymon: Blockchain 4.0?

The blockchain company Paymon finished the second round of ICO on the 3rd of May. As it was mentioned in this article, the new technology is one of the strongest reasons to invest and believe in the company. What exactly is the innovation of the Paymon blockchain called Hive? Why is it more pioneering than technologies of Bitcoin, Ethereum and IOTA? Here is a detailed comparative description of Hive and …
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55$ for BTC transactions: who can change it?

While ordinary people are discussing the future of cryptocurrency world at the kitchens, computer people never leave the working place, trying to fix the imperfections of it. Well, there are some serious problems. Who can change it and how? Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article We know Bitcoin as the first ever and the most popular cryptocurrency. But large delays of transactions or fees are the reasons why it’s still …
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