55$ for BTC transactions: who can change it?

While ordinary people are discussing the future of cryptocurrency world at the kitchens, computer people never leave the working place, trying to fix the imperfections of it. Well, there are some serious problems. Who can change it and how?

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We know Bitcoin as the first ever and the most popular cryptocurrency. But large delays of transactions or fees are the reasons why it’s still inconvenient to use. Bitcoin has already failed the test in February, 2017. When a lot of people started to use it actively at the same time, the commission fee averaged 55$. So, once a new cryptocurrency appears, based on the more advanced blockchain system, Bitcoin can be forgotten. People are weak in the face of innovations that save their time or money.

That’s the reason why there is a real rush between IT-companies, which making ICO and trying to reach investor’s attention. Sometimes it’s hard to say, which start-up will make a hype. But last year we were impressed by projects like EOS or FailCoin and so one. EOS, for example, created the infrastructure for decentralized applications. This year on ICO there is one more interesting project called Paymon, that we had to notice and discuss long time ago, but we didn’t! So, we’re ready to tell about them now.

These young Russian company started at 2016. To the first stage of ICO they already had their own messenger with the “cold” wallets, where users could send not only messages or emojis to each other, but also the cryptocurrency. The product became popular very fast because of the wallet’s safety. Now it has more than 8000 users. But today they work at much more important technologies.

Paymon offers to the market their own cryptocurrency – PMNC, that is based on the new blockchain, called Hive. The system is supposed to be decentralized and to make transactions without any fees or large delays possible. Why? Simply because there will be no need in miners anymore, their place will be taken by simple users of the network. So, no miners – no extra time and no fees.

Yes, if the future belongs to these guys, then we’ll see the world without any mining farms! Of course, not all the millionaires will be happy to see Paymon’s success. But miner’s fees and delays of transactions as the main problems for crypto-payments will be solved.  So, businessmen will be satisfied. They will get the platform called Profit, which allows to receive payments for their goods or services in cryptocurrency instantly! Almost magic, isn’t it?

There are already some cool stories about the young friends, who started working at the garages, but later changed the world. Perhaps, Paymon’s story will end the same. If this company is exactly that one that will be able to solve the biggest problems of crypto and financial world, then may be this Russian team is also the one we’re going to discuss tomorrow at the kitchens.