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Blockchain Oracles: Off-Chain Interaction Through RIF Gateways

Achieving two-way interoperability between blockchains and the real world is an ongoing challenge. It is not something that can be done natively, yet with the help of blockchain oracles, a lot can be achieved.  What are Blockchain Oracles?  To explain the purpose of a blockchain oracle, one needs to be aware of what it entails exactly. A blockchain – or its smart contracts – cannot access data from outside of …
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Decentralized Oracles Make Aelf a More Versatile Blockchain Project

Interoperability between different blockchains and cryptocurrency ecosystem is very difficult to achieve. By default, there is no reason to interact with competing projects. The Aelf blockchain sees things a bit differently, and its latest update may usher in a new era of communication. Communicating with and relying on third-party data from other chains and data sources is a big step forward. The Purpose of Chainlink Oracles To achieve communication with …
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