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Opus Just Broke 100,000 Listeners, With $500K Raised So Far, Can They Take on Spotify?

Ethereum and other related blockchain technologies are shattering industries ranging from Finance to Computing. With executives in the FinTech industry scrambling to understand how Blockchain technologies work, are other industries safe from the disruptive nature of Blockchain? Music producer, Mark Papai is no stranger to the $50 billion a year music industry. As Papai said: “The greatest challenge I have found is the inability for rising artists to monetize their work”. The music industry …
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Opus – Fully Decentralized Music Streaming Built Using IPFS and Ethereum

Working Beta? Check, Open-sourced code? Check, Team Background? Check. Learn more about the efforts Opus has made to decentralize the music industry. Opus is the world’s first fully decentralized music sharing platform that aims to tackle the $40 Billion industry issue of music sharing at a protocol and infrastructure level. “I’m disappointed with how musicians are treated nowadays in the music industry, that is exactly why I decided to invest in the Opus …
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