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Can Blockchain Repair the Broken Digital Advertising Space?

Most of us find digital advertising irritating. When online ads first came to platforms like Facebook, it was something of a novelty. For the first time, we were being shown products and services that were actually relevant to us, based on our likes and preferences – and data. That four-letter word has become a precious commodity. Because valuable data is, in fact, worth its weight in gold. But as with anything in our …
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3 Lesser-Known Ways of Using Blockchain Technology

You’re probably tired of hearing about blockchain technology’s decentralization and transparency by now. Its much-touted immutability is also getting pretty old. We all know that in one way or another, blockchains are going to be disruptive, possibly across all industries. But what you may not have thought of yet is how certain seemingly unrelated sectors will be affected. Beyond finance and cybersecurity, supply chains and medical records, check out these lesser-known …
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Mass Network Is Not The Answer To Solving The Online Ad Problem With Cryptocurrency

To many people, it seems obvious Bitcoin will replace the advertisement model as we know it. Online banner and video ads are quickly becoming obsolete, due to the number of ad blockers. But it will take more than just the Brave browser to change the way websites are monetized. Mass Network wants to try something different, albeit their ICO campaign is not instilling any confidence. What Does Mass Network Do …
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