Mass Network Is Not The Answer To Solving The Online Ad Problem With Cryptocurrency

To many people, it seems obvious Bitcoin will replace the advertisement model as we know it. Online banner and video ads are quickly becoming obsolete, due to the number of ad blockers. But it will take more than just the Brave browser to change the way websites are monetized. Mass Network wants to try something different, albeit their ICO campaign is not instilling any confidence.

What Does Mass Network Do Differently?

On paper, the concept for Mass Network is relatively straightforward. It aims to get rid of annoying advertisements and tackle the issues ad blockers are faced with. Despite best efforts to block several advertisements, some of them always seem to get through. This limited usability leaves somewhat to be desired, according to the Mass Network team.

To solve this problem, the team wants users to monetize their personal data. Everyone who installs the proprietary software- which still needs to be developed – will enjoy data protection. Additionally, users will receive Bitcoin payments every time they share part of their data. Site owners, on the other hand, will pay users to view advertisements.

It is evident this solution is not necessarily beneficial so site owners by any means. Incentivizing users to watch ads is one thing, but having to pay for eyeballs will create an adverse effect in the long run. Users who do not want ads can either pay for site access, or offer some other financial reward to the creator.

To make matters worse, Mass Network will not use Bitcoin directly for compensating users and site owners. Instead, a proprietary altcoin has created, called Mass. Why the world would need another useless coin is beyond most people, and it is very doubtful participating in the project ICO will be worth it for speculators and investors.

While it is commendable to see project focus on revamping online advertising, Mass Network is not the right way to do it. Proprietary software, a newly created useless currency, and holding an ICO for this project all raise a lot of red flags. Unfortunately, it is doubtful this project will gain any traction, as they are focusing too much on enriching themselves rather than the people they allegedly want to help.

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