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Bitso’s Partnership With Ripple can Bring ODL to Latin America

Ripple’s technology continues to make inroads in the financial and cryptocurrency industry alike.Bitso, the largest exchange in Mexico, sees tremendous merit in ODL. Everyone wants to benefit from quick, convenient, and fast access to wealth at all times. Bitso Thinks ODL is a Good fit for Latin America When relying on the traditional legacy systems, that is pretty much impossible to achieve. New solutions need to be found to change …
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10% of MoneyGram’s US-Mexico Remittance Runs on Ripple’s ODL

There are a lot of people with a keen interest in Ripple and XRP. It now appears that the company’s On-Demand Liquidity is making inroads in various payment corridors. After partnering multiple remittance providers, Ripple has been on the right track to improve its market position. The Growing Presense of ODL One of those big partners is MoneyGram. It has integrated On-Demand Liquidity quite some time ago. Further expanding upon …
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Ripple Confirms ODL is Coming to Thailand and Australia

There are always developments in the crypto and financial industry to take note of. A new announcement by Ripple’s head of global operations will affect both industries at the same time. It has been rumored for some time how Ripple will expand the availability of its On-Demand Liquidity. Ripple Keeps Pushing Forward Particularly in Australasia, things can get very interesting in the near future.  Eric van Miltenburg has now officially …
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