Bitso’s Partnership With Ripple can Bring ODL to Latin America

Ripple’s technology continues to make inroads in the financial and cryptocurrency industry alike.Bitso, the largest exchange in Mexico, sees tremendous merit in ODL.

Everyone wants to benefit from quick, convenient, and fast access to wealth at all times.

Bitso Thinks ODL is a Good fit for Latin America

When relying on the traditional legacy systems, that is pretty much impossible to achieve.

New solutions need to be found to change that narrative, thus all options are worth exploring.

Mexico’s Bitso exchange is quite interested in Ripple and its underpinning technology.

A partnership between the two companies exists today.

Bitso also received financial backing from Ripple’s investment arm back in 2019.

Bitso’s position in Latin America is quite interesting for a company exploring payment corridors in key regions.

For Ripple, this has proven to be a very prominent region to put its On-demand Liquidity to good use.

Remittances are vital to the economy in most Latin American countries.

Any improvements being made to these money streams will benefit millions of people.

How Bitso plans to explore these options in the near future, remains to be determined.

There are always multiple ways to integrate technology into an existing business, if the infrastructure allows for doing so conveniently.