10% of MoneyGram’s US-Mexico Remittance Runs on Ripple’s ODL

There are a lot of people with a keen interest in Ripple and XRP. It now appears that the company’s On-Demand Liquidity is making inroads in various payment corridors.

After partnering multiple remittance providers, Ripple has been on the right track to improve its market position.

The Growing Presense of ODL

One of those big partners is MoneyGram.

It has integrated On-Demand Liquidity quite some time ago.

Further expanding upon this use is crucial for any company.

It now appears that ODL is used in 5 major payment corridors.

It is expected that 10% of MoneyGram’s US-Mexico corridor runs on top of ODL at this time.

There is also support for the Euro, Philippine peso, and the Australian Dollar.

This further confirms that many different payment options can be explored between different countries accordingly. 

All of this also means that XRP is playing a bigger role in the remittance industry.

That has nothing to do with the recent price increase of this asset, however.

It would take a lot of additional integrations before the entire world runs on ODL.

It could certainly happen at some point, albeit a lot of companies will try to develop in-house alternatives first and foremost. 

Even so, this industry is evolving rapidly.