Blockchain is a Valuable Solution During Times of “Forced” Online Education

The novel coronavirus crisis is causing havoc for many schools and universities. Despite that setback, now is also a good opportunity to learn more about blockchain technology and how it can help transform the education model. Addressing the COVID-19 outbreak is best left up to experts capable of handling such matters. Blockchain can Help Transform Education For schools and universities, this period is all about looking toward the future of …
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What Is ODEM Cryptocurrency?

According to Forbes, the education market currently possesses a net market pull of around US$4.6 – 6 trillion. However, due to escalating tuition fees and increasing student debt, the gap between college training and job requirements has been steadily increasing over the past decade or so. ODEM, or On-Demand Education Marketplace, is a blockchain-based distributed network that allows university students to seamlessly interact with their professors and academic partners. Through the …
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The Education Revolution is Happening and Blockchain is Helping

There are many ways in which the education system that prevails in most countries is failing students. Top universities are often reserved for the elite and the curriculum being taught at a higher education level is irrelevant, outdated, and cannot compete with the ever-changing necessities of the job market. And all of this comes at a high cost. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article Students start their professional lives already …
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