Blockchain is a Valuable Solution During Times of “Forced” Online Education

The novel coronavirus crisis is causing havoc for many schools and universities. Despite that setback, now is also a good opportunity to learn more about blockchain technology and how it can help transform the education model.

Addressing the COVID-19 outbreak is best left up to experts capable of handling such matters.

Blockchain can Help Transform Education

For schools and universities, this period is all about looking toward the future of education

More often than not, such changes will go hand-in-hand with using innovative technologies.

Odem, a company providing blockchain education and credentialing, is already doing its part.

As students all over the world are forced to stay home, online schooling is becoming the new norm.

As such, Odem allows educators to create digital certificates of completion once classes and tests have been passed successfully.

Moreover, Odem is tracking student activity while working remotely to ensure their accomplishments do not go to waste.

Several institutions are making use of this service already.

Every troublesome situation also creates new opportunities that can usher in a better future.

Current online learning platforms aren’t always reliable, nor is the tracking of progress made by individual students.

With blockchain technology, all of those concerns can be addressed in a convenient manner.