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Everything Green as Price of Bitcoin Approaches $7,500

While the second half of May has been burdened by a sustained downtrend, today’s price movements could be seen as a spark for a reversal. After reaching initials lows earlier in the day of just above US$7,000, Bitcoin saw a huge jump to above $7,400, and is continually inching higher. If things play out well, this could lead to a summer frenzy, similar to was witnessed at this time last …
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Nexus Price Pumps to $4.8 Until Dump Cycle Kicks in

Every now and then, some weird things tend to happen in the world of cryptocurrency. Although most people have never heard of Nexus before, its price recent shot up by as much as 300$. Although the gain over the past 24 hours is “just” 63.36% right now, The Nexus price is still close to the $4 mark. It seems maintaining that price will be impossible, though. Nexus Price Shoots Past …
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