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Passphrase.Io Now Supports Hyperlinks And Images

Some people may remember the PassPhrase.io service, an online notepad which uses the same technological concept as a brain wallet. The company behind this project has been working hard on updating their service over the past few months. In the latest update, Passphrase.io added support for links, formatted text, and even images. Passphrase.io Becomes Even More Versatile At its core, the Passphrase.io service is quite interesting to take note of. …
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Zero-knowledge Privacy Notepad Service Passphrase.io Returns To The Living

Whenever a Bitcoin service or platform suddenly disappears, things are not looking all that great all of a sudden. Somewhat popular service Passphrase.io had come to life about a year ago, but the person responsible for maintaining the service lost interest in the project and let the domain expire. The original creator of Passphrase has decided to revive the project, allowing users to enjoy this zero-knowledge notepad replacement. Also read: …
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