Passphrase.Io Now Supports Hyperlinks And Images

Some people may remember the service, an online notepad which uses the same technological concept as a brain wallet. The company behind this project has been working hard on updating their service over the past few months. In the latest update, added support for links, formatted text, and even images. Becomes Even More Versatile

At its core, the service is quite interesting to take note of. Users can create their own virtual notepad environment by entering a passphrase. Once they have done so, that passphrase will be encrypted and saved, giving users unlimited access to their own virtual space. In doing so, the service ensures data is safe from prying eyes.

All of this information is saved and encrypted in the user’s browser, and none of the data entered will be stored on the servers. Do keep in mind the same risks as using a brain wallet apply. Shorter passphrases, or things that are easy to guess, may be exploited by assailants at some point.

Adding more versatility so such a platform is a work in progress, although the team has been doing a good job so far. Recently, they added support for images, hyperlinks, and even formatted text. These are all different types of data one may want to store in an encrypted online notepad for future reference.

While not everyone may see the benefit of what can offer, it can be quite useful for everybody at some point. People who need to quickly note down something but do not want to leave a paper trial for whatever reason may want to use this service. The same applies to storing sensitive information but not wanting to rely on paper or a cloud service to do so.

Using the service is easy, and free of charge. It is good to see such a publicly available notepad solution on the web embracing the same standards as a brain wallet. While it does negate any of the potential security risks, it goes to show this technological concept can be used for other means.

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