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Stampery Announces More Powerful API And New Interface

Anchoring data to the Bitcoin blockchain is an emerging trend these days. Stampery is one o the companies active in this space, and they have launched a new API for industrial users. Moreover, the certification service has been improved, allowing for a faster and slicker user experience. Stampery Targets A Bigger Crowd Most people know Stampery as a new notarization solution using the blockchain to anchor data. Using this technology …
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Estonia Patners with Bitnation to Launch e-Residency Blockchain Program

The Republic of Estonia has partnered with Bitnation, a blockchain-based governance platform, to provide notary services to e-residents. Bitnation is a type of digital nation state, which handles all of its record keeping on bitcoin’s blockchain. The e-Residency program will officially launch at the beginning of December. Anyone, regardless of place of birth/residency, will be able to notarize any document on the blockchain. The Estonian e-Residency program will give Bitnation …
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