Estonia Patners with Bitnation to Launch e-Residency Blockchain Program

The Republic of Estonia has partnered with Bitnation, a blockchain-based governance platform, to provide notary services to e-residents. Bitnation is a type of digital nation state, which handles all of its record keeping on bitcoin’s blockchain. The e-Residency program will officially launch at the beginning of December. Anyone, regardless of place of birth/residency, will be able to notarize any document on the blockchain.

The Estonian e-Residency program will give Bitnation much more credibility and cement it as a sovereign entity in the burgeoning blockchain economy. Susan Tempelhof, Founder and CEO of Bitnation, sees a future where nation states will have to compete to provide the best governance services. Tempelhof was quoted in an IBTimes article, “I’m delighted to work with Estonia’s e-Residency program to set a standard practice of competition of governance services on a global market, and to enable others to exercise self-determination”

Bitnation recently made headlines when it started handing out Blockchain Emergency IDs and Bitcoin Visa debit cards to refugees entering Europe from Turkey.

Susan Tempelhof firmly believes that people around the world should have the right to freely choose which digital services are best for them, and Kaspar Korjus, director of Estonia’s e-Residency program, is in full agreement:

“In Estonia we believe that people should be able to freely choose their digital/public services best fit to them, regardless of the geographical area where they were arbitrarily born.”

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