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nOS Virtual Operating System to Deploy Testnet on ARK Blockchain

Emerging internet operating system based on blockchain, nOS, has chosen leading blockchain provider ARK.io to leverage its flexible yet robust design toolkit its testnet launch in September. nOS is an all-in-one platform that aims to offer decentralized internet in order to solve the growing challenges of interconnectedness and privacy. The project is providing a platform for businesses to leverage an ever-secure and privacy-centric internet built on the back of what …
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ARK’s Blockchain Technology Selected to Power nOS Virtual Operating System

Paris, France, – July 30th, 2019​ – ​ARK.io​ a leading blockchain technology provider has today announced that its blockchain technology has been selected to power the nOS virtual operating system.  The announcement details how the ​nOS virtual operating system​, which provides web apps with a powerful solution to implement new and innovative business models, alongside a decentralized app store, will launch their public blockchain testnet in September, utilizing ARK’s blockchain …
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