nOS Virtual Operating System to Deploy Testnet on ARK Blockchain

Emerging internet operating system based on blockchain, nOS, has chosen leading blockchain provider to leverage its flexible yet robust design toolkit its testnet launch in September.

nOS is an all-in-one platform that aims to offer decentralized internet in order to solve the growing challenges of interconnectedness and privacy. The project is providing a platform for businesses to leverage an ever-secure and privacy-centric internet built on the back of what blockchain stands for – decentralization and transparency. The project also offers an app store for decentralized apps (dApps) with decentralized ranking to allow for an unbiased and transparent distribution of these applications.

What nOS is building will change the internet as is today, with a software solution for both mobile and desktop – a client – featuring an open internet browser, dApp gateway (app store) crypto wallet and a built-in exchange. It’s an ecosystem to be connected via smart contracts with scalable features, and it was this challenge that led nOS to this announcement.

At first, the nOS team had opted to build on the NEO platform to issue an NEP-5 smart contract token as well as the smart economy protocol of the NEO blockchain. But as the need for modularity, scalability, speed and ease of development persisted, the search for solution led them to ARK.

As smart contracts are described as automatons of trust, it is expected that these be flexible. However, industry challenges led nOS pursue the agenda of building its own proprietary blockchain. Now it has decided to build on the ARK blockchain, seeing that ARK has the required flexible turnkey solutions needed by nOS.

nOS founder Dean Van Dugteren touted ARK’s platform as being a powerful, easy-to-use modular framework, explaining: “As nOS evolves, it was important for us to find a flexible framework that does not require us to reinvent the wheel with concepts such as state management and consensus logic”.

The ARK blockchain as an open-source blockchain platform that empowers developers at different level of expertise to leverage its simplistic blockchain design and deployment mechanism. It solved the nOS dilemma, allowing them to easily build their own blockchain with the entire code written in Typescript to achieve a modular system with DPOS consensus model, maintained by brains and passion.

ARK is putting itself out there for developers to notice and with the recent launch of its ARK Deployer, it appears the platform is deliberately scaling open-source, ease of use and at the same time reducing entry barriers into blockchain development and deployment. ARK Chairman Matthew Cox suggests that the nOS move to build on ARK as well as a host of other blockchain startups seeking ARK out is indicative of a crucial industry need for scalability. He noted:

“nOS is further proof that many platforms are still facing challenges with their blockchain technology when it comes to scalability, speed and smart contracts. It’s these challenges that are causing more projects to seek out and adopt a flexible blockchain, with many of these projects drawn to ARK because of our interoperable, customizable and easy-to-implement solutions.”

nOS will also leverage the upcoming ARK Marketplace and ensure it maximizes the opportunity by providing features and installable modules meeting end user needs. More so, it is relishing its successes, taking one victory after another as the go-to-place for most blockchain developers. 

Cox said they want to continue to reach out to other developers through its ARK Deployer:

“We’re now actively working with a number of projects in varying stages of development through our Powered by ARK program and are seeing a mix of interest from parties both creating new ARK Bridgechains as well as those looking to migrate from other technologies.”

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