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Leaked Documents Indicate FBI Spied On Every TorMail User in 2013

A lot of important news hardly ever gets picked up by mainstream media these days. About a week ago, several documents were leaked indicating how the FBI received permission to hack several hundred TorMail users. Despite having a warrant for 300 individual users, it looks like the law enforcement agency once again overstepped its boundaries. It is possible that every Tormail user has been spied on during this investigation. The …
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“Hacking Someone’s Computer is Definitely a Search”

A number of cases have popped up from the FBI running a child porn sting for two weeks on dark net. Courts have ruled that the warrant issued wasn’t valid, while other have ruled it as valid. The government was able to access thousands of computers, with just one single warrant. They took over servers of a known child pornography site, and kept it active for two weeks while they …
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ACLU Wants FBI’s NIT Warrant Files Unsealed

A motion was filed in Maryland court by the ACLU requesting information on why the FBI infected users of a free email service with malware. The civil liberties group’s team of lawyers are pushing for the docket sheets that are tied to the warrant to deploy the malware. The FBI deployed malware against TorMail users. The docket sheets would explain the general information regarding the warrant, and what judge issued …
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