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Everything Green as Price of Bitcoin Approaches $7,500

While the second half of May has been burdened by a sustained downtrend, today’s price movements could be seen as a spark for a reversal. After reaching initials lows earlier in the day of just above US$7,000, Bitcoin saw a huge jump to above $7,400, and is continually inching higher. If things play out well, this could lead to a summer frenzy, similar to was witnessed at this time last …
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Nexus Earth Partners with SingularityNET to Integrate Artificial Intelligence with the World’s Most Advanced & Secure Blockchain Technology

PHOENIX, Feb. 8,  2018 – Nexus (NXS), announced a partnership with SingularityNET (AGI), to explore the combination of both technologies. SingularityNET is looking to expand horizons creating a decentralized AI network based on blockchain. This new partnership could result in the most secure, scalable and censorship-resistant blockchain AI infrastructure in existence. Nexus and SingularityNET share an aligned mission of creating the safest and most advanced technology. In discussing the future of secure, decentralized …
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Social (SCL) Pre-ICO Sells More Than 12x Their Set Minimum Goal

The Social (SCL) pre-ICO ended just a couple of days ago, on the 7th of August. Their presale sold more than 12 times the set minimum they were aiming for over the entire ICO period. Social is a cryptocurrency that will be used within Nexus, a secure and private decentralized social network with integrated marketplace, crowd funding and ad platform. Nexus is already available on the iOS App Store, Google …
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