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A Quick Look At 5 Anonymous Bitcoin Wallet Solutions

When it comes to finding the perfect wallet for oneself, it is hard to find what one is looking for sometimes. A lot of users want to focus and anonymity and privacy when using Bitcoin, yet very few wallet solutions seem to allow for that. The ones who do, however, always come with a trade-off regarding either private key control, or limited supported for currencies other than Bitcoin. Finding Anonymous …
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KeepKey LLC Acquires Bitcoin Wallet Provider MultiBit

MultiBit has been one of the longest running Bitcoin wallet solutions in existence, yet it seems the company has been acquired. KeepKey LLC, the company behind the popular hardware bitcoin wallet solution, has bought MultiBit. What Does This Mean For MultiBit? It is quite a significant move to see a hardware Bitcoin wallet manufacturer purchase a software-based solution. By the look of things, KeepKey LLC will not be acquiring the …
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