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The Future of the Gaming Economy

As data scientists enhance artificial intelligence (AI), gaming will see more advancements, as well. Eventually, games will be built from scratch, completely by AI, have characters that learn and grow like humans, and games will be used to help professionals advance in their real jobs. For example, OpenAI’s Universe Program let’s self-driving car developers train their AI algorithms by playing Grand Theft Auto.   In the near future, mobile gaming …
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Why Mobile Gaming Has So Many Advantages

It’s amazing to think about the evolution of the casino game. People have always been playing games and betting on them from the street game of marble to the pub full of people playing blackjack or poker. For hundreds of years (or longer in some countries) these games have been part of the cornerstone of entertainment and enjoyment for people around the world. The Start of Gaming According to Wikipedia, …
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Crypto Rider Gamifies the Cryptocurrency Price Roller Coaster

Truth be told, it was only a matter of time until someone created a video game about cryptocurrencies. Rather than making players collect coins, this game revolves around price charts. Known as Crypto Rider, the game will certainly let players enjoy the roller coaster emotions which Bitcoin holders experience on a virtually daily basis. Crypto Rider is a Wild Ride While we can only commend people for creating a gaming experience themed …
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