Crypto Rider Gamifies the Cryptocurrency Price Roller Coaster

Truth be told, it was only a matter of time until someone created a video game about cryptocurrencies. Rather than making players collect coins, this game revolves around price charts. Known as Crypto Rider, the game will certainly let players enjoy the roller coaster emotions which Bitcoin holders experience on a virtually daily basis.

Crypto Rider is a Wild Ride

While we can only commend people for creating a gaming experience themed around cryptocurrency prices, this is not necessarily a lucrative market for game developers. That hasn’t kept Bitcoin enthusiasts from developing Crypto Rider, which is a pretty interesting creation. As the name somewhat suggests, people get to enjoy the wild ride that is cryptocurrency price volatility.

In the game, players can “ride” the Bitcoin price charts. Anyone who has ever looked at such a chart will know it contains a lot of ups and downs, which makes it look and feel like a roller coaster. No one will deny that watching the Bitcoin price can lead to ecstatic highs and gut-wrenching dips, just like sitting on an actual roller coaster.

Visually, the game doesn’t look like it will win any prizes, but it certainly checks all of the right boxes in most other areas. Transforming the concept of cryptocurrencies into an actual video game is not easy by any means, but Crypto Rider certainly scratches an itch. It is something which Bitcoin enthusiasts will enjoy, as well as those people who genuinely dislike cryptocurrency and everything it stands for.

As one would expect from a game such as Crypto Rider, it features all kinds of cryptocurrencies. These include NEO, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Shitcoin, and so forth. Every single currency has its own “track”, which further shows that the developers have put in a fair bit of effort. It is one of the very few games which actually makes a lot of sense to people who are both familiar and unfamiliar with cryptocurrency.

On the controls front, there isn’t much to play around with. Nor should there be, really, as Crypto Rider is all about acceleration and enjoying the wild track’s bumps. It is a mobile game that plenty of people will check out, mainly because it offers something so unique that it will automatically find its niche. It is not something to be taken seriously by any means, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

How this game will affect the public perception of cryptocurrency remains to be seen. This is still one of the most exciting industries out there, but it is also met with a fair bit of skepticism, disbelief, and naysayers. Crypto Rider won’t necessarily change any of that in the future, but it certainly offers a fresh look on things. Plus, it is quite fun to play, which is always a win in our book.