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Bitcoin Bulls Show No Signs of Slowing Down as $11,000 Is Within Reach

Although surpassing US$10,000 was a majestic feeling, it may very well have been the tip of the iceberg for Bitcoin. More specifically, we are seeing a lot of markets push the price of Bitcoin to US$11,000 and possibly beyond. In Asia, the price is already approaching US$12,000, whereas the Western exchanges are behind by over US$1,000. That’s an appealing gap to take advantage of; that much is certain. What is Next for the …
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Litecoin Price Is Poised to Pass $100 Before Christmas

Despite some market opposition, things are still looking rather promising for Litecoin right now. More specifically, the Litecoin price continues to rise toward US$100 as we speak. With a value of around US$91 at the time of writing, it is evident we will see another leg up in the very near future. It is unclear how things will play out over the coming days and weeks, but things look pretty solid so …
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What Is Monero’s Helium Hydra Release?

The Monero ecosystem is set to undergo some big changes over the coming months. A lot of new features and updates have been announced, all of which will have their own impacts. The first release is the Helium Hydra client update. It packs a ton of new features under the hood that will elevate Monero to the next level. Monero’s Helium Hydra Release is a big Deal As we have …
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