Litecoin Price Is Poised to Pass $100 Before Christmas

Despite some market opposition, things are still looking rather promising for Litecoin right now. More specifically, the Litecoin price continues to rise toward US$100 as we speak. With a value of around US$91 at the time of writing, it is evident we will see another leg up in the very near future. It is unclear how things will play out over the coming days and weeks, but things look pretty solid so far.

Litecoin Remains Perma-Bullish

The end of 2017 may prove to be rather spectacular for Litecoin in the price department. While the rise from US$75 to US$85 was quite interesting to watch, it seems the silver to Bitcoin’s gold will continue to move toward the US$100 milestone. Assuming that is the case, Litecoin’s market capitalization will surpass US$5 billion with relative ease in the next few hours. It is only US$90 million off the mark right now, which means setting a record shouldn’t be difficult to do.

Although the Litecoin price already surpassed US$92 a few hours ago, that new all-time high was followed by a massive drop-off. That shouldn’t surprise anyone, as people have been taking profits whenever they possibly can. Especially with the Bitcoin price approaching US$10,000, it’s evident that profit-taking takes precedence over anything else right now. No one wants to be left holding a big bag of cryptocurrency once all prices start to correct. Rest assured that a correction will come at some point.

Whether or not such a market correction will affect the Litecoin price all that much remains to be seen. It would certainly affect Litecoin’s USD price, but the currency’s Bitcoin value has been relatively stable as of late. The Litecoin price will eventually surpass US$100, yet it remains to be seen if it will happen this year or be delayed a few more weeks. For now, it seems hitting that milestone is just a matter of time, but cryptocurrency markets have an odd way of surprising us.

Thanks to US$432.5 million in 24-hour Litecoin volume, things are looking pretty good for this particular altcoin. This volume has been rather steady all weekend, which is a rarity in the world of cryptocurrency. There is sufficient demand for this altcoin right now, yet it is evident there will be plenty of profit-taking in the next few hours and days. Altcoins are struggling to maintain their values against both USD and BTC right now, and things may change in a major way over the next few days.

Surprisingly, Bithumb has not taken the lead from GDAX in terms of Litecoin trading volume just yet, although the gap between them can be overcome with relative ease. Bitfinex is still among the top three exchanges as well, which is good to see. Bithumb currently values LTC at well over US$93, which may hint at some big changes to come. An interesting month of December lies ahead for all cryptocurrencies; that much is certain.