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How This Dualchain Network Architecture Is Solving The Blockchain Trilemma

The Blockchain Trilemma, also commonly known as the Scalability Trilemma, has been one of the greatest hurdles for cryptocurrencies – that is, until recently.  Metaverse Foundation, a company that vows to keep its leading status in blockchain technology, has figured out a way to tackle this (in)famous trilemma.  With the help from KrawlCat Generalized Oracles, Metaverse launched the Dualchain Network Architecture (DNA) this May. The DNA chain dramatically improves the …
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Metaverse Foundation Launches New DNA Token on RightBTC

September 12th, 2019 – Toronto, Canada Metaverse announced today that their Dual Chain Network Architecture, has officially launched the native DNA token on RightBTC, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, with trading commencing from 6:00 am UTC, September 10th.  “The listing on RightBTC will provide huge liquidity to the DNA token, as well as a valuable new stable coin on-ramp through USDT”, said Eric Gu, CEO of Metaverse Foundation. “We’re very proud of the fast development and …
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