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How Blockchain Tech Can Resolve Global Connectivity Issues

If you’ve taken a stroll through a large city lately, or even your local neighborhood, it may have struck you how few faces you actually saw. It isn’t that people have packed up and moved away. It’s that they no longer make eye contact as they walk around. Instead of looking up or around, their gaze is downward, directed at their smartphones. With the average American spending 10 hours a day …
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What Is Skycoin?

Quite a few different cryptocurrencies exist in the market today, although not all of them will have use cases. Whether or not Skycoin will gain traction as a cryptocurrency remains to be seen. Its blockchain application platform, known as Skywire, will certainly attract a lot of interest on a global scale. What is Skycoin Exactly? There are many aspects of Skycoin which make it appealing, even though it is the Skywire ecosystem which will get most people …
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