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Microsoft’s Azure Blockchain Service Adds 9 New Digital Currencies

Microsoft Azure has announced the inclusion of several new digital currencies to its Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) developer environment: Jambucks, Bitswift, Storj, Vcash, Shadow, Blocknet, Blitz, Gamecredits and Okcash. Marley Gray, Director of BizDev & Strategy for Cloud and Enterprise at Microsoft, also announced the appointment of two new bloggers to Azure BaaS. Global business strategist Yorke Rhodes will be announcing new additions to Azure’s BaaS platform from now on. Jason Albert, …
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Six New Partners Added to Microsoft’s Azure Blockchain Service Platform

Microsoft has announced new additions to its Azure Blockchain-as-a-Service platform. In today’s blog post, Marley Gray, Director of BizDev & Strategy of Cloud and Enterprise at Microsoft, unveiled five new alternative blockchains that Azure developers will have access to; decentralized KYC/AML/Credit service Algorythmix; community-based smart contract platform Expanse; hybrid algorithm digital currency Influx; privacy-oriented digital currency Monero, Proof-Of-Stake cryptocurrency Radium; open source blockchain application development environment Tendermint. Gray said that …
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