Microsoft’s Azure Blockchain Service Adds 9 New Digital Currencies

Microsoft Azure has announced the inclusion of several new digital currencies to its Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) developer environment: Jambucks, Bitswift, Storj, Vcash, Shadow, Blocknet, Blitz, Gamecredits and Okcash.

Marley Gray, Director of BizDev & Strategy for Cloud and Enterprise at Microsoft, also announced the appointment of two new bloggers to Azure BaaS. Global business strategist Yorke Rhodes will be announcing new additions to Azure’s BaaS platform from now on.

Jason Albert, Microsoft’s assistant general counsel on blockchain technologies, will be posting blog updates focused on the company’s collaborations with the Chamber of Digital Commerce (CDC), which Microsoft joined recently.

In today’s blog post, Gray explained that Microsoft decided to join the CDC to help establish a proper regulatory framework around distributed ledgers and digital currencies.

Gray said:

“As we work with others in the industry to explore the promise of this technology, it is equally important to engage with regulators and policymakers as they think about distributed ledgers.”

While Gray stressed the importance of regulations to make sure criminal elements don’t take refuge in digital currencies, he also mentioned that the distributed ledger industry is still in its infancy, “But even as this particular application of distributed ledgers is regulated, it is important to recognize that other uses are still evolving or nascent, and need the freedom to develop and grow.” he added.


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