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ECB’s Mario Draghi Rejects the Concept of Estcoins

Not long ago, we touched upon the concept of so-called Estcoins. The new digital currency would complement Estonia’s e-residency project, assuming the tokens were ever issued. If it were up to Mario Draghi of the European Central Bank, that would never happen. In fact, he has clearly stated that no member country can introduce its own currency at will. This could be quite the problematic development for Estcoins. The Estcoins Project may Never Happen …
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ECB Feels Brexit Woes Are “Contained” For Now

A lot of people are keeping a close eye on what the European Central Bank is doing these days. With the Brexit occurring, there seemed to be a need for an intervention to relieve the stressed markets. But for now, that will not be needed, and interest rates and policy plans will remain unchanged. Moreover, the institution deemed the Brexit shockwaves to be “contained”. No Policy And Interest Rate Changes …
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Parity Between Fiat Currencies Paves The Way For Bitcoin

One of the main issues most people have with the current fiat currency system is how every individual currency has a different value. Most of these currencies are all dependent on how the US Dollar performs, as this is the world’s global currency for the time being. However, if the current trends keep up, the US Dollar will be worth as much as the Euro. What effect will this have on …
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