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How Can Cryptocurrency Users Ward Off Cyberattacks?

We’ve all read the headlines. ICO funding thefts have hardly been low profile. It’s curious, though, that what was labeled by so many as simply a vehicle for criminal misdoings should itself be the target of criminal activity. But as cryptocurrencies grow in value, it’s becoming clear that they’re not going away anytime soon. So, how can cryptocurrencies and their users ward off cybercriminals? Hacking attacks are somewhat confusing to …
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Man-In-The-Browser Attacks Will Continue to Pose Problems for Crypto Users

Cryptocurrency exchanges are often considered gateways for novice users all over the world. These platforms allow regular consumers to buy and sell bitcoin and top altcoins using convenient payment methods. At the same time, these exchanges also pose a big risk when it comes to attacks by cybercriminals. A new man-in-the-browser attack may prove to be a big problem for top exchanges moving forward. The Man-in-the-Browser Attack With so many different …
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