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Is Bitcoin Finally About to Go Mainstream?

For those dedicated crypto-watchers among us, it feels like bitcoin is already a mainstream currency. However, beyond the relatively niche world of blockchain, the impact of bitcoin has been comparatively negligible in recent years. While news of its fluctuating value continues to make global headlines, bitcoin transactions only make up a tiny fraction of a percentage of global exchanges. However, there is plenty of emerging evidence to suggest that 2020 …
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Bitcoin Community Reaches Consensus, Mainstream Gives It a Wide Berth

In the second week of January 2015, Bitcoin attracted the attention of the mainstream media. For a moment, the likes of the New York Times and The Guardian had turned their focus to the ongoing Block size scaling debate. Just like other times when Bitcoin had been in the mainstream news (Like when Mt Gox went down with 800,000 customers’ bitcoins or when Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht was arrested), this …
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