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We’ve Got a Match! Empowering Love in a Digital Ecosystem

The United States has been the hub of technological progress over the past 75 years. From Silicon Valley to Wall Street, America’s industries have been shaping the way we view, use, and develop new technologies, and has been a catalyst for the ‘cyber century’. With this new wave of technology comes a paradigm shift in how we interact with one another, from exchanging money to falling in love. What’s Love Got …
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Top 4 Pieces of Bad Advice in Cryptocurrency

Markets are comprised of a wide variety of traders of differing success levels and intents. While charts can clearly show which trades are winners and losers, it’s much more difficult to assess the value of a trader. As a result, there is often bad information spread, due to either malice or lack of knowledge, that should always be recognized and ignored. 4. “This coin is a good buy because it is …
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