We’ve Got a Match! Empowering Love in a Digital Ecosystem

The United States has been the hub of technological progress over the past 75 years. From Silicon Valley to Wall Street, America’s industries have been shaping the way we view, use, and develop new technologies, and has been a catalyst for the ‘cyber century’.

With this new wave of technology comes a paradigm shift in how we interact with one another, from exchanging money to falling in love.

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Cryptocurrencies and online dating have become a massive domain and will continue to grow as more people from around the US and the world pour into these industries.

America has a unique opportunity to allow the blockchain revolution and the online dating space to expand like nowhere else in the world.

The US has had the luxury of being one of the most diverse nations in the world. The country itself was created by immigrants from all over the world bringing unique ideas, experiences, and worldviews. This cultural dynamism allows for a unique dating scene comprised of many different people with varying preferences and interests.

But, no matter how many new and different faces make up America, dating has always been tricky business, and online dating has been no exception. Many applications, such as Tinder, Bumble, and Grindr have been able to pave the way for new relationships. The ways in which users communicate and exchange messages has changed the dating dynamic forever.

Whether an individual is looking for a one-night stand, or someone with whom to spend the rest of their life, these mobile dating applications provide various options, each of which has its own rules.

However, these applications are all missing something important—third-party matching. Oftentimes, people date within their friends’ circles with their friends being the matchmakers. This is popular because your friends know you best and can connect you with people like you who share your interests, hobbies, and ideas.

Existing applications, although they allow for connection, miss this crucial step in finding a date.

What Matchpool Can Do To Streamline Third-Party Matchmaking

Credit: MatchPool

Matchpool aims to allow for seamless third-party matchmaking with the added bonus of financial incentives through a reward given in Guppy tokens. This new dimension to matchmaking will allow dating, particularly in America, to be completely revolutionized.

Over the past few years, the blockchain industry has seen rapid expansion with new faces, technologies, and opportunities presenting themselves on a daily basis.

But what if you could financially incentivize users to match one another in a virtual space, on a realistic level?

Americans are always looking for new business opportunities, and helping people find love can now be added to the list. It’s much better than reality shows such as The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, as we are coming to find out many of those episodes are scripted and unrealistic.

Why Does Love Need A Token?

Guppy, an ERC20 token

Matchpool’s signature ERC20 token, the Guppy, is the in-app token that is used as the incentive to reward matchers for successful matches. The token also offers utility in that it can be used as a payment method to enter exclusive pools that require entrance fees. The token is different from fiat in that it can be transferred to anyone in the world without the use of a third-party service such as a bank or PayPal.

The Guppy is used exclusively on-platform and is unique from other in-app currencies because it utilizes the Ethereum blockchain to execute transactions in a decentralized manner that allows the exchange of currencies to be independent of the host platform.

Dating as a Matchmaking Use Case

Matchpool’s matchmaking system can have many use cases ranging from real estate to education, but the platform has the potential to empower matchmakers to match people within dating pools.

Online dating isn’t new, but the way we connect with people in our ever-interconnected world is also rapidly changing. Matchpool, being that it allows for peer-to-peer matchmaking, is the perfect union of matchmaking and cryptocurrencies.

The Matchpool platform has a unique opportunity to crack the code of dating by incorporating incentive-driven matchmaking focusing on connecting people through peer review and empowering the matchmaker to match users based upon interests, hobbies, skills and traits.

This one-of-a-kind marriage between the cryptocurrency space and the online dating industry makes Matchpool a special way for people seeking love to connect in an entirely new dimension. Americans are seeking a new and improved way to connect with each other, and Matchpool’s platform can provide that.