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South Korean Electronics Giant LG Launches Blockchain Platform

South Korean electronics giant LG has announced that it’s launched its own blockchain service, Monachain. The service was launched through the company’s information technology service unit, LG CNS. According to The Korea Times, the service is aimed at capitalizing on the lucrative emerging field of blockchain-based services especially in the fields of telecommunications, manufacturing and finance. Championing The Decentralized Economy Monachain will offer various decentralized services, one of which will be …
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Top 4 Bendable Phones to Look out for in 2017

Bendable smartphones have piqued the interest of consumers and technology enthusiasts for quite some time now. The year 2017 may finally deliver these goodies to mainstream consumers, as various companies are working on this technology. Flexible products with touch screens once appeared to be a movie prop, but they will be coming to a location near you in the future. #4 LG’s Mystery Device According to Indian sources, LG is …
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LG Pay Wants To Compete With Bitcoin and Apple Pay

There can never be enough competition in the mobile payment space, and LG is one of the most recent companies to join the fray. Despite facing stiff competition from Google, Samsung, Apple, and even Bitcoin, LG believes that they can offer something unique none of these other platforms can. Also read: Blockchain A Valuable Ally for DOJ In Fight Against Deceptive Dietary Supplements LG Announces LG Pay, Albeit in Limited Fashion …
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