Top 4 Bendable Phones to Look out for in 2017

Bendable smartphones have piqued the interest of consumers and technology enthusiasts for quite some time now. The year 2017 may finally deliver these goodies to mainstream consumers, as various companies are working on this technology. Flexible products with touch screens once appeared to be a movie prop, but they will be coming to a location near you in the future.

#4 LG’s Mystery Device

lg bendable phone

According to Indian sources, LG is working on flexible display smartphones for 2017 and beyond. Up until this point, there was no real hint of such a device, and it appears the project has no internal name either at this stage. Moreover, it is unclear when the device will be launched, although it is expected this will not be the first bendable smartphone coming to market.

Unconfirmed sources claim LG’s mystery bendable smartphone will come to market in Q4 of 2017. Moreover, the same sources claim a total of 100,000 devices will be manufactured. It will be interesting to see what the company can come up with in the coming months. Do keep in mind this is brand new technology, and production delays are to be expected.

#3 iPhone 8

iphone 8

Apple may also be working on a flexible smartphone, even though it remains unknown if it will be released in 2017. The iPhone 8 may feature a flexible screen, but those plans have not been set in stone yet. Apple has worked on affordable iPhones since 2014 but failed to achieve major successes in this department so far.

#2 Lenovo CPlus

lenovo c plus

In 2016, Lenovo shocked the world by showing off working prototypes of bendable smartphones and tablets. Back then, the project was codenamed CPlus, although it is not clear if this has changed. We do know the device will come in a dozen different colors and uses the Android operating system. No official release date was announced in June of 2016. However, with Samsung bringing two bendable phones to market this year, Lenovo may do the same.

#1 Samsung Galaxy X

From what we can tell, Samsung is working on two different bendable smartphones. One model will follow the Galaxy line but add a bendable screen. The other is a new generation of Samsung Note, with a bigger screen size. Both projects are expected to launch in the first half of 2017, albeit that date may be subject to change.

samsung galaxy x


The project has the Codename “Project Valley,” and we may see these devices make an appearance at the upcoming Mobile World Congress event in February. Both phones are expected to be equipped with OLED screens, which are much thinner and brighter compared to screens found in modern smartphones.

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