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Blockchain Gaming Platform DigiByte Gaming Adds Counter Strike Global Offensive

Hong Kong-based DigiByte Holdings, developer of the DigiByte digital currency, has announced the addition of Counter Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO) to its online gaming platform, DigiByte Gaming. The DigiByte Gaming platform currently support free-to-play game League of Legends, where gamers can earn DigiByte tokens for playing online and participating in tournaments. The implementation of CS:GO on DigiByte Gaming is currently in the beta stage. The press release said: “Players are …
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Bitcoin Ransomware Education – TeslaCrypt

TeslaCrypt is just one of the many variants of Bitcoin ransomware to make waves among Internet users in 2015. As this malware was not based on any previous version of ransomware to make media headlines, it did bring something entirely new to the table to targeting gamers in particular.  However, the number of infections and ransom funds paid remained relatively low due to this niche approach. Also read: Bitcoin Ransomware …
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