Bitcoin Ransomware Education – TeslaCrypt

TeslaCrypt is just one of the many variants of Bitcoin ransomware to make waves among Internet users in 2015. As this malware was not based on any previous version of ransomware to make media headlines, it did bring something entirely new to the table to targeting gamers in particular.  However, the number of infections and ransom funds paid remained relatively low due to this niche approach.

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TeslaCrypt Infects Gamers With Bitcoin Ransomware


Whereas most other variants of Bitcoin ransomware look to affect as many Internet users as humanly possible, TeslaCrypt decided to take an entirely different approach. What sets this malware apart from the rest is not just its entirely different codebase, but also the fact it purposefully targeted gamers.

Anyone who had games or gaming software installed on their computer – particularly Steam users – was of high interest to the hackers behind TeslaCrypt. In addition, this malware would still encrypt important files and documents, and prevent file recovery by installing a previously made backup.

It remains a mystery to this day as to why TeslaCrypt decided to go after the gaming population exactly. Some security experts speculate this had to do with the fact how companies and entrepreneurs were better prepared for Bitcoin ransomware attacks by now, or they may be an entirely different reason altogether.

At the same time, games are quite important to the younger demographic of computer users, as they tend to care less about files and documents being lost. Recovering game-related data, such as a Steam inventory, save games, or even modifications and add-ons, could be a more lucrative market for Bitcoin ransomware.

With a large focus on single player and online games, TeslaCrypt had the potential to claim many victims. Steam is the most popular gaming platform in the world, and games such as League of Legends and World of Warcraft attract millions of players around the world. But in the end, the damage was nothing out of the ordinary, as TeslaCrypt did not make a major impact.

Source: Trend Micro

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