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LCG Energy on the biggest problems in the energy industry and how humanity can overcome them: an interview with the CEO

LCG Energy is a licensed utility provider, energy contractor and energy trader that wants to design innovative blockchain solutions for the energy sector and conduct an ICO. The company was founded in 2009 and had a revenue of €40M last year, with a projected revenue of €200M in 2020 and plans to acquire renewable energy projects with ~20% ROI.  Q: Could you please tell us more about your company and …
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LCG Energy: a stable token by a licensed utility provider drives the adoption of renewable energy sources – record revenue of € 40 mn in 2019

Recently, a well-known European energy company has announced its plans to become the first utility provider to adopt blockchain technology. With over a decade of experience, a record high revenue of €40 in 2019 alone and more than 55.000 customers in Germany and Austria, LCG Energy is among the biggest energy companies in Europe. The company is currently in the process of acquiring multiple renewable energy projects worth more than …
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