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Price of Bitcoin Plunges Further to $7,500

In just the past week, the global market cap of all cryptocurrencies has fallen close to US$70 billion. In that same period, Bitcoin (BTC) has fallen 20% from a local high of US$9,000 to its current price of $7,500. Despite a number of bullish sentiments and news recently, the price of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies across the board continues to fall. On the same day that Forbes called for a $20,000 …
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Ethereum Bleed Continues, Price Drops Below $450

Through this extended downtrend, one coin being challenged heavily is Ethereum (ETH). Ethereum has been subject to massive bleed since its peak prices earlier in this year. Today, ETH is trading below US$450, the lowest since December 7. Following December 7, Ethereum saw an explosion- tripling in value. Unfortunately, these gains have now been almost entirely erased. Beyond the overarching pressure of a global bear market, Ethereum has been subject …
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Blockstream Unveils Nanotip LApp for Bitcoin Tipping

The Lightning Network is one of the biggest developments for Bitcoin as of right now. It finally addresses some of the lingering scaling issues, although there is still some work to be done. Blockstream recently introduced the Nanotip LApp, which makes tipping on the LN a possibility. The Nanotip LApp Explained Anyone who has kept a close eye on Bitcoin will know that the network has some issues. It is …
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