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Landing an Internship In The Bitcoin World

Internships are a great way for companies to get their hands on additional workforce, while not having to pay them to learn the ropes. In fact, most internships work out for both parties involved, as students learn valuable tricks of the trade, and if they perform exceptionally well, they might even land a job at that particular company. But for some reason, there does not seem to be all …
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Korean Exchange Korbit Adds Ethereum Trading Market

Another exchange platform has decided to add Ethereum to its list of trading markets. After this popular digital currency started making headway in Japan thanks to Coincheck, Korbit in Korea is the next platform to jump on the Ethereum bandwagon. Slowly but surely, Ether is catching up to Bitcoin regarding accessibility, although there is still a long way to go before the two can be properly compared. Also read: Digital …
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