Landing an Internship In The Bitcoin World

Internships are a great way for companies to get their hands on additional workforce, while not having to pay them [much] to learn the ropes. In fact, most internships work out for both parties involved, as students learn valuable tricks of the trade, and if they perform exceptionally well, they might even land a job at that particular company. But for some reason, there does not seem to be all that many Bitcoin internships, despite the growing number of companies active in this space.

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Limited Internship Availability

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When looking at the number of Bitcoin internship openings – at the time of publication – the number of available opportunities was relatively low. It is worth noting, however, that some of the most prominent companies are offering this opportunity to students looking to put some additional experience on their future resumes.

Kraken, one of the world’s leading Bitcoin and digital currency exchanges, is looking for an intern – a paid one too – to help with the day-to-day operations at the trading desk. What is even more interesting is how this job can be done from a remote location, rather than having to live in the San Francisco area.

For those students who are looking for something more artistic, there is an internship opportunity at Bitcoinfilm. Some people may have heard this name before, as they specialize in short documentaries about Bitcoin and everything that surrounds it. This is also a paid internship position, which requires applicants to conduct documentary research, make plans for travelling, and managing of projects.

Bookwithbit has two different opportunities for an internship right now. The first is for marketing and sales, whereas the other one is for content writers. Neither of these jobs are paid opportunities, but they are available to residents from all over the world. Kind of interesting as well to see one company offer two different positions at the same time.

Last but not least, Bitcoin companies are always in need of new developer talent, and Korbit is looking for a software engineering intern. This internship is a paid job, but interested parties will have to relocate to Seoul to apply. ECUREX, a digital financial marketplace, is also looking for an internship-based software developer, who will be working from their offices in Zurich.

Source: Angel List

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