josh garza

Sentencing of Josh Garza Potentially Delayed Until January 2018

Josh Garza is one of the more hated people in all of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. His numerous scams have included PayCoin,…

4 years ago

Bitcoin Mining Scheme Backfires – Josh Garza Charged by the SEC

Another attempted Bitcoin scheme was interrupted, and the responsible party, Homero Joshua Garza is now being sued for fraud. The…

4 years ago

Josh Garza’s speech cancelled at TNABC

Josh Garza's speech cancelled at the north american bitcoin conference Josh Garza is the man behind the latest controversial altcoin…

7 years ago

Cryptocurrency News Sources Under Public Scrutiny

Happy New Year So far, the start of 2015 has been a dramatic one for Crypto. In the world of…

7 years ago

Why you should not attend the Miami Bitcoin Conference

Conferences are held in order to increase awareness about an idea, educate people, and share ongoing research. The upcoming Bitcoin…

7 years ago

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