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Founding Member of the Apache Software Foundation Joins The Hyperledger Project

The Hyperledger Project, an open source blockchain platform being developed by the Linux Foundation in collaboration with 30+ companies, announced today the appointment of Brian Behlendorf as the project’s first executive director. Behlendorf is most famous for developing the Apache Web server software, which is the most widely used server platform on the Internet today. Brian was also a founding member of the Apache Group, which became the Apache Software …
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The Hyperledger Project Welcomes 8 New Members

Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Project welcomes eight new members to its ranks today; Beijing AiYi Digital Finance Technology; Broadridge Financial Solutions, a US-based financial services firm; Cloudsoft Corporation, a UK-based software developer; South Korean bitcoin services firm Coinplug; Australian deposit-taking institution Cuscal Limited; Eurostep Holdings, a Cyprus-based cross-industry product data management company; blockchain forensics firm Skry; Japanese arts & crafts company Soramitsu. As yesterday’s announcement states: since February of 2016, the …
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